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The Basics of Punctuation: An article writing primer for those whose punctuation skills need improvement. A poorly spelled and punctuated piece, no matter how brilliant in concept, usually meets its doom in the form of a stack of rejection letters.

Expert Writing Tips: A list of tips to help improve one's article writing skills. They are based on techniques advocated by English textbooks, creative writing books, composition books, and various published authors and other experts in the field of writing.

How to Write Articles for Newspapers and Magazines: A professional journalist shows how to write hard-hitting news stories and attention-getting feature articles.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles: Offers advice to aspiring journalists on how to write effective feature articles, and explains how to sell the articles to newspapers, magazines, and trade publications.

How to Write Articles That Sell: This is a practical and inspirational handbook that will guide aspiring writers as well as seasoned pros through the mysteries of researching, writing, and selling freelance articles for magazines, newspapers, and Internet zines.

The Magazine Article: How to Think It, Plan It, Write It: Provides writers with ideas to help stimulate their creative approach to magazine article writing.

Writing Articles from the Heart: How to Write & Sell Your Life Experiences: Holmes, who has sold hundreds of her writings to publications such as Reader's Digest and Ladies' Home Journal, offers advice on getting essays and sketches, humorous stories, personal experiences, advice, inspirational tales, and other "articles from the heart" onto the page and ready to be published--written in a way that pleases the reader as well as the writer.

On Writing: Short and snappy as it is, Stephen King's On Writing really contains two books: a fondly sardonic autobiography and a tough-love lesson for aspiring novelists. The memoir is terrific stuff, a vivid description of how a writer grew out of a misbehaving kid.

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